Where can I buy alp cheese?

As alp cheese is a regional product, every single cheese is not available to buy everywhere. Keep an eye out for alp cheese in the following locations:



On the alp itself

The next time you are out for a hike and you meet a mountain cheese maker, simply ask him or her about alp cheese. For more information, go to “Experiencing the alp”.

Directly from the producer in the valley

Farming families are increasingly marketing their products direct from the farmyard. Keep an eye out for Alpkäse (alp cheese) signs when travelling through mountain villages or visiting weekly markets.

In specialist cheese shops

Good specialist cheese shops usually stock one or more varieties of local alp cheese.

In supermarkets

Some supermarkets like Coop, Migros, Manor, Globus and Volg stock regional alp cheeses – they also run occasional promotions during the autumn. Many producers also organise tastings – see our Agenda page.