Adopt-an-Alp® – Adopt-an-Alp® brings together Swiss alp cheese producers and American cheese buyers

Alpgeschichten – The Alpgeschichten blog of Swiss alp cheese

AOP / IGP – Information on AOP and IGP

Federal Office for Agriculture – Information from the government

Freiburgischer Alpwirtschaftlicher Verein (Fribourg Alpine Agriculture Association) – Information in particular on Fribourg alp huts

Landwirtschaftlicher Informationsdienst LID – Agriculture for the media, schools and consumers

SAB – Schweizer Arbeitsgemeinschaft für die Berggebiete (Swiss Consortium for Mountain Regions)

Schweizer Bergprodukte (Swiss mountain products) – Information and documents on Berg- und Alpzeichen

Schweizer Landwirtschaft (Swiss agriculture) – Thank goodness for Swiss farmers. All about Swiss agriculture

Schweizerischer Alpwirtschaftlicher Verband SAV (Swiss Alpine Agriculture Association) – Representing the interests of mountain and alp agriculture in agricultural and economic circles, politics and society

Schweizer Milchproduzenten SMP (Swiss Milk Producers) – The umbrella organisation of Swiss dairies

Swissmilk – The marketing website of Swiss milk producers. Among other things, you will find here Switzerland’s largest online collection of recipes

Trade paper heading Cheese – All articles on cheese – The website of Swiss alp farmers