Correct cutting and packing of alp products

Already in the course of the alp summer a variety of alp products are offered for sale on the alp, in the farm shop, the village shop, and through wholesalers. Special attention should be paid to the packaging and labelling – so that the customer knows where the high quality product comes from and where he can buy it again.

When cutting alp cheese there are a few points to observe, for the customer at home doesn’t want to have only rind or serve up badly cut pieces of cheese on the table. The cutting tool should really cut and always be clean. Ideal cheese knives are the ‘Faust‘ knife (with the blade at right angles to the handle) or the double-handle knife. When cutting, care should be taken to avoid overlapping the centre. This ensures that even the last piece of cheese looks good. The cut surface of the chunk of cheese piece should not be dirtied by the rind because, as is well known, the eye shares in the pleasure of eating. In over-the-counter sales one should be ensured that the cheese dough does not come into contact with the fingers. Fingerprints are a no-go at the point of sale! After each cheese sale or portioning cooling is necessary for the cheese to retain its shape.

Even today one comes across products with poor packaging. These include packing with black protective foil or with newsprint taped with claw tape. This is not the way it should be done! It is important that a high quality foodstuff be also packaged appropriately. Many customers appreciate the possibility of re-wrapping alp cheese in coated cheese paper for storage at home. Schweizer Alpkäse makes available cost-effective packaging material for the sale of alp cheese. Members of the Schweizer Milchproduzenten (SMP) benefit from special conditions.

The knife and cheese paper shown are available in our shop, along with other articles.


Market stall for direct marketing of alp cheese

As an alp cheese producer or alp cheese producer and member of SMP you can borrow market stalls free of charge.

Up to two market stalls (400cm x 320cm) can be borrowed per request. From the beginning of October to the middle of August of the following year the stalls can be picked up in Schüpfheim (LU), and returned in the same state:

Bruno Hafner
Schächlimatte 4
6170 Schüpfheim
Tel: +41 41 484 11 10 / +41 79 439 77 11

Toni Schnider
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