1350 alp cheese dairies in Switzerland. For your gourmet moment, day in day out.

The Swiss mountains are not only known for their beautiful and striking peaks. One speciality from the mountains in particular fascinates throughout the world: Swiss alp cheese, which is produced by hand in the summer months on 1350 alps.

From the alp to the home

Swiss alp cheese can only be called cheese if it has been made from milk from cows, goats or sheep that graze on the alp. Furthermore, the cheese must be produced directly on the alp, as the name is protected. The many and varied plants and herbs on the mountain pastures are the key to the unique taste of Swiss alp cheese. But not only that: each region has its own traditions and its own recipe. Many alps guard a decades-old family secret for producing their alp cheese. The aromas, colours, shapes and degrees of hardness of Swiss alp cheese are as diverse as Switzerland itself. So testing the taste is never boring!

Alp stories

How is life on the alp? Our bloggers report on their summer in the mountains, their experiences and, of course, the cheesemaking.

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Experiencing the alp

But where are all these alps in Switzerland? Which are worth visiting on the next outing? A variety of the 1350 Swiss alps can be discovered virtually on our map.

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Buying alp cheese

Getting a taste for it? We have a few tips on where seasonal Swiss alp cheese is available – both within and outside the summer season.

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