The alp

The mountain pasture of Tompey is located at the end of the Hongrin valley in the commune of Corbeyrier. The chalet is at an altitude of 1,580 metres. On 1 June we go up with our cows until the end of September. Of course, we’re there before and after these dates to prepare the pasture, which belongs to the Swiss Government. The Ziörjen family has rented this holding since 1971. We’re very lucky as we produce and stay the whole summer in the same chalet, unlike other farmers who have to move their cows and production material several times. In summer, we have about 70 cows (Red Holstein, Holstein, Simmental, SF, Swiss Brown) and 130 heifers. We also have 3 donkeys, 2 dogs – Rocky and Bob – 7 hens and about 10 pigs. So we have no time to get bored! The mountain pasture covers 180 hectares with rocks and swamp. We produce some 9 tonnes of L’Etivaz AOP alp cheese.

The team

The team is composed of Nicolette, my husband Florian’s mother, and his brother Rodolf. We also have two employees who spend the summer with us, including Blazej who has been coming for 10 years.

And we have our little boy who will spend his second summer at the chalet!

Fortunately, mountain farming is a family affair, so we can always count on Florian’s other brother Stefan and his girlfriend Sandra. My Dad is also happy to lend a hand, together with friends.

Our products

L’Etivaz AOP is a hard alp cheese produced between 10 May and 10 October from raw milk provided by more than 2,800 cows grazing on some 130 mountain pastures at an altitude of between 1,000 and 2,000 metres, and heated exclusively over wood fires in copper boilers. L’Etivaz alp cheese was the first Swiss AOP to be inscribed in the Federal Register of designations of origin and geographical indications in 2000. Consequently, L’Etivaz AOP meets precise and demanding specifications.