The alp

Alp Tamons is managed by the local community of Sargans, and is located on Mels land.

88 dairy cows, 40 alpine pigs, 4 chickens and a cat spend the summer on the alp. A team of three (dairyman, assistant dairyman, cowherd) on the front and rear meadows turn about 80,000 litres of milk into some 8,000 kg of alp cheese and about 600 kg of butter. The alp surface is around 730 hectares and the grazing areas are at an altitude of between 1600 and 2150 m above sea level.

Close to 400 cows, heifers and suckler cows graze on the cattle alp.

From left to right:<br />
Lukas Weithas, Lukas Andorfer, Benjamin Stillhart

From left to right:
Lukas Weithas, Lukas Andorfer, Benjamin Stillhart

Team cow alp

Lukas Andorfer (dairyman); social education worker; born in 1988; from Alberschwende in Vorarlberg, Austria; varied mountain pasture experience in the Piemont and Vorarlberg (5th summer on Tamons)

Lukas Weithas (assistant dairyman); social education worker, artist, born in 1991; from Bregenz in Vorarlberg, Austria; one summer on a socio-educational alp in Vorarlberg and one summer in the Glarus region (5th summer on Tamons)

Benjamin Stillhart (cowherd); social educational worker; born in 1988, from Kirchberg in the Toggenburg; agricultural work on a dairy ranch in Wisconsin, one summer on a socio-education alp (5th summer on Tamons)


Team cattle alp

Paul and Gabi Grünenfelder from Mels; over 30 alp summers on various alps in the Sargans area; 23rd alp summer on Tamons.


Alp Tamons starts above Mels and runs through Mädris and Vermol up to Alp Schwarzenberg-Hochschwändi. The front pasture comes first, followed by the rear pasture.