The alp

Alpe Formazzora, located next to the little village of All’Acqua (on the other side of the valley), offers three Alpine pastures: Formazzora at 1653 m, Stabbiascio at 1914 m and Val d’Olgia at 2063 m.

A maximum of 85 cows and 20 pigs graze there from mid/end of June up to early September during the summer grazing season. Some 80,000 litres of milk are turned into 8 tonnes of cheese and a bit of butter.

On 28 July 1358, the brothers Gasparus and Martinus sold the alp for 155 lire to the citizens’ commune of Tarnolgio (now the citizens’ commune of Mairengo). In the hands of the commune to this day, it is leased annually to the “Boggesi”.

The team

Alpe Formazzora is managed by the “Boggesi” (cooperative members), who consist of farmers and the Management Board members. The Management Board handles the administrative side and signs contracts every March with the four parties concerned (cheesemakers, assistant cheesemakers, shepherds and shepherd boys).

Our products

Alpe Formazzora only makes alp cheese and a bit of butter. Everything produced is delivered to the Boggesi, for sale to private individuals, “grotti” (traditional cellars carved into the mountain rock), restaurants and hotels.


The village of All’Acqua is easily accessible by postal bus or car. Alpe Formazzora is located on the other side of the river (a little bridge crosses the stream above the village – don’t forget to close the gate!!!) and is only a 10-minute walk away. Val d’Olgia (our alp’s third pasture) and San Giacomo Pass leading to Val Formazza on the Italian side are worth a hike. What’s more, the entire Valle Bedretto region is particularly family-friendly, offering an enjoyable stay for parents with children.