The alp

The alp lies at an altitude of 1715 m. It features two mountain pastures, a lower and an upper one. The lower pasture houses the mountain hut with a stable. The upper pasture, which contains the milking parlour, is situated below the Schesaplanahütte, an SAC Hütte-affiliated mountain hut, at an altitude of around 1900 m. The alp provides grazing land for some 120 cows, the Seewise Alpine Cooperative and 60 Alpine pigs. 

We also have 4 chickens and 1 dog on our alp. In addition, some 130 calves summer on Alp Fasons; they are kept by a different calf shepherd.


The team

We are all between 19-25 years of age. Peter und Melanie already have mountain farming experience. As a team, this is our first time together on an alp.

– Peter Odermatt – dairyman
– Melanie Hertner – assistant dairymaid
– Beni Grubenmann – shepherd
– Larina Grubenmann – assistant shepherd

Our products

On the alp, we mainly make Graubunden alp cheese and alp butter. Although we also produce Ziger cheese at the beginning of the summer grazing season, this is primarily for the farmers.

In addition we make yoghurt now and then, but only for our own consumption.


Around 3 km from the Alpine hut is Schesaplanahütte, an SAC Hütte-affiliated mountain hut where you can stop for food and drinks and spend the night. The hut is open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Telephone: ++ 41 81 325 11 63 or ++ 41 79 612 60 18.

Something worth seeing is the Alpine Museum, situated about 2 km in the direction of Obersäss. Here, you can discover many artefacts and find out how cheese used to be made.

Another lovely destination for an excursion is Lüner Lake, just over in Austria, as we are located very close to the Austrian border.

If you like hiking and aren’t afraid of heights, “Schessi” Schesaplana mountain, which offers a wonderful panorama, is a great choice.


Walk until you reach the centre of the village of Seewis, with the church in sight. After the church, turn right into the bend at the postal bus stop. Follow this road up to a fork where the left-hand path continues towards Alp Fasons and the straight-ahead path takes you to the neighbouring alp of Vals. After taking a left, stay on the road until you see the hut.