Adopt-an-Alp® is a programme that promotes and markets Swiss alp cheese in the USA.

Swiss alp farmers sell their products to America. Customers in the USA are cheese stores, grocery stores with well-kept cheese counters and upscale restaurants.

The website lists all participating alpine farms on a map of Switzerland, with a descriptive text. In the run-up to the alp season interested American customers choose their ‘own alp’ and undertake to buy a minimum quantity from this alp. During the alp season Adopt-an-Alp stays in contact with the participating farmers and maintains a blog on the website through which the customers can keep abreast of the life and activities of ‘their family and alp’.

Visual material and regular news are needed. This material goes on the blog, and the alp cheese businesses in turn make their final customer’s mouth water for alp cheese.

Please contact:

Caroline Hostettler
Quality Cheese
Fort Myers, FL (USA)

Tel: +1-239-246 0523